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Confused at the thought of building your new home on your own lot? Relax. Velasquez Group Construction & Design will walk you through the entire process step-by-step. We will work with you as part of a team and make sure your dream becomes reality. Velasquez Group construction & design offers property owners a new opportunity - we will build on your lot one of luxury home that you design with the architects.

Building on your lot will give you the opportunity to live where you want, and will inable you to have the house of your dreams. You will save money, and save yourself the frustration of trying to be your own contractor. Velasquez Group Construction & Design will build the house you've always dreamed of at a price no other builder can beat. You will be completely satisfied at the quality of craftmanship. You will make a right decision by having Charles Velasquez and his team build your dream house on your lot.


Most of the people take a construction permanent financing to build their new home. The bank will give you construction financing to buy the building lot (or to refinance the building lot if you have an existing loan on it) and provide you construction money to build your new home. Upon completion of your new home construction, the construction loan will be converted into a 30 year fixed or one of the many other permanent financing vehicles available. With the saving you will realize by having Velasquez Group Construction & Design build your new home, you may not need your own funds to pay for the land and for building your new home. The bank may finance 100% of your costs.

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